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Do you want your members, your guests, your audience to leave moved, inspired and ready to take action? I want you to know every good speech is an opportunity for changing hearts and minds, driving engagement, opening a dialogue. In our dialogues we have laughed and cried. We have looked at multiples aspects of the financial landscape and why they matter. We have explored how the Olympics in London will embodied the sprit of their brand partners. We have discovered together what innovation and customer loyalty looks like through the lens of the most influential c-suite leaders. We have got down to brass tacks on what it means to be a woman in business today and flourish. I have shared how to change a personal daily experience through public art in my recent TED Talk and projected what the future of authentic urban news and community may look like through the company and lens of New York Natives. Book me and let’s discus how I can turn a conference, an evening, a meeting into a high impact game changer for all of you.

– Camilla

Camilla Webster speaking at Ted Talks

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